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Seeing the Light for Fall

In a nod to the warmer weather conditions in Southwest Florida, you can now get the deep, rich colors for autumn in lighter fabrics.

BY October 10, 2016

While Florida is geographically in the Northern Hemisphere, our climate is far from northern. Of course, that’s why so many of us love it here, but it can present a challenge when it comes to transitioning our wardrobes at this time of year. Although our fall manifests itself in crisper mornings that call for an extra layer, anything heavy looks and feels out of place. This autumn, designers and buyers have got it spot-on: deep, rich tones that denote a seasonal shift, yet the fabrics are lightweight and wearable even when the temperature rises through the day. If you still need a gentle reminder of a traditional fall, add some accent pieces in mellow colors to your home décor. 


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