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The Look: Bright You Are

BY October 10, 2016


If you’ve ever hankered for a purse in a less-than-practical color, or just had to have the hot hue of the moment but couldn’t justify the eye-watering price, then yearn no more. I’ve found it for you. Looking as though they should have price tags of several digits, these Italian-designed bags are anything but structured and formal. Made from a neoprene-type fabric, they’re as light as a feather, they won’t get stained in the rain and they’re washable. (Yes, really, they’re washable.) Best of all, they come in a range of fabulous colors, so you could totally justify having one for each outfit without breaking the bank—or even a sweat.

Miss bag in Soft Pink, Milkshake and Aubergine (from left), $129; Jellyfish tassel, $29; La Scarpa Boutique, Marco Island, 239-394-3399.


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