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Stressed About the Election? You’re Not Alone

APA reports more than half of Americans are significantly stressed by the election.

BY October 18, 2016


We know it’s hard, but don’t worry too much about the election. At least that’s what the American Psychological Association is telling us.

The group reported in its annual stress survey that about 52 percent of Americans say Trump vs. Clinton is a significant source of stress. That number cuts across age ranges, location and gender. Finally, something the majority of this country can agree on—it’s time for this election to be done with.

The APA does recommend several things to help cope with election stress. Read them all here. The one that did resonate well with us: Channel your stress into something positive. Don’t sit and binge-watch cable news or scroll through social media looking for fights to pick. Rather, disconnect and go on a weekend trip or find a good volunteer opportunity.


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