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Take the Hint: You’re Tired

Four signs that you need sleep

BY October 20, 2016


We already know that about one-third of Americans are sleep-deprived. But what about you? Do you know whether you’re not getting enough sleep?

It can be a hard question to answer, especially if you haven’t gotten a good night’s sleep in a while. So, keep an eye out (with help from The Greatist) for the warning signs that you aren’t getting the rest you should.

You’re using clichés. Seriously, the less sleep we get means the less energy we want to spend, even on the little things that require some originality.

You’re avoiding decisions. No sleep just makes your brain want to shut down on those difficult decisions.

You’re breaking out. Losing sleep means your skin looses some of its hydration—which could lead to a case of acne.

You keep getting sick. Can’t get over that cold? Maybe you’re not giving your body the proper rest it needs to repair.

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