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Calendar Highlight: Naples International Film Festival

Director Jon Fitzgerald clues us in on what to expect when NIFF returns this Thursday.

BY October 24, 2016


Looking to build on past success, Naples International Film Festival Director Jon Fitzgerald shares a few new event elements for 2016. The event runs Oct. 27-30.


What can you tell us about your expansion of “cause cinema”?

“I like to celebrate films that have causes as part of the subject. … These engaging movies can really inspire audiences to take action and create change.”

Go see: The High Sun, winner of Cannes’ Un Certain Regard Jury Prize. The Croatian film (above) tells three stories of forbidden love set in three decades in neighboring Balkan villages with a history of inter-ethnic hatred.


What’s another topic you are pushing?

“We will showcase a series of (documentaries and narratives) where the filmmakers and characters leverage the power of music in the world, and all its different sides.”

Go see: Sidemen: Long Road to Glory, about three key blues players who never received front-man attention. You’ll see interviews and performances of the Muddy Waters and Howlin’ Wolf sidemen (like “Pinetop,” right), along with industry legends.


How are you increasing community engagement?

“We’re really making a stronger effort to connect the dots with philanthropic organizations in the community. … For example, if we show a film about the education system, doing outreach to schools and inviting the kids to come in to watch the films and provide toolkits so the instructors can implement some of the tools into the curriculum.”

Go see: Most Likely to Succeed, a film hoping to inspire re-imagination of schooling by exploring its past, present and future.


You’re also upping your hospitality program.

“There will be more receptions, happy hours and creative opportunities (for film society members) to engage with the visiting film professionals.”
Go see: We won’t spoil it all—check out to complete your list of must-see movies and corresponding events.


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