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Where to Find the Best Bacon in Southwest Florida

BY November 10, 2016


You see it on doughnuts, in ice cream and around your steak. It’s bacon. It’s everywhere.

In honor of BaconFest Naples (Nov. 12 at the Naples Airport), we’ve tracked down some of the best bites of bacon you can find in Southwest Florida—the stranger the better. Read on if you think your cholesterol can take it.

  • Deviled Eggs & Millionaire’s Bacon at Bricktop’s: Our Food and Dining Editor Dorothea Hunter Sonne recommends this take on bacon and eggs on Bricktop’s small-plate list. The thick-cut slices have just the right amount of sugary sweetness. Also, from what we hear, KJ’s Fresh Grill in Fort Myers also makes a mean Millionaire’s Bacon.
  • Maple Bacon Cupcake at Grace and Shelly’s (pictured): Be prepared for sweetness. The vanilla cake is cooked with bacon, and the maple cream cheese frosting is topped with, yes, more bacon. 
  • The Maple Bacon Shake at BurgerQue: A combination of two great things: bacon and ice cream. How could you go wrong?
  • The BLT at Bill's Cafe: Dorothea says this is the best BLT she's ever had. Hands down. (Get a first-hand look here.)
  • Brooks Gourmet Burgers Donut Burger: We’d be remiss if we didn’t mention something this over-the-top. It’s a bacon cheeseburger in between two doughnuts.


Editor's Note: Updated on 11/10/16


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