Get Better—The Old Fashioned Way

Golf instructor Mark Durland offers a few easy tips.

BY November 30, 2016

Plenty of high-tech gizmos exist to help make you a better player (as we discuss in our feature). But, when you get down to it, no computer can make you great—it's all up to your swing. Mark Durland of Durland Golf School at the Naples Grande Golf Club offers up some simple advice.

On club speed

"A great way to increase your club head speed is to make a longer swing (think John Daly). Width and length of arc are important variables for club head speed. Create a little more wrist hinge at the top to get the club parallel to the ground or even past parallel."

On divots

"The divot on a solid strike should be located on the target side (front) of the golf ball. Put a tee in the ground next to the ball to measure where your turf interaction happens. More weight forward at address will help get it where it belongs."

On distance

"Maximize driver distance by hitting up on the golf ball. To do this: Tee the ball high, play it more forward and tilt away from the target at address. Make sure your head and spine stay behind the ball at impact to create that upward blow."

On avoiding the scoop

"Most players try to scoop the ball into the air. This causes their wrist angles to change and a chaotic impact condition. A great way to train proper impact alignments is to hit punch shots. This creates forward shaft lean and solid contact.  After you get the feel, take it into your full swing."


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