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5 of the Best Dance Workouts for Your Health

How to take the “work” out of your workout

BY December 13, 2016


We all have some sort of routine we follow when it comes to working out. However, it might not be as stimulating or as fun as we desire. Let’s face it—running on the treadmill can become tiresome, and so can the repetitive sets and reps that come along with weight lifting.

There is a more innovative (and fun) way to burn a ton of calories, and you may not even realize it. Dance! Research from the American Heart Association that people who danced up to two hours a week had a significant increase in their mobility compared with those who did not.

The great thing about dance is that there are so many varieties to choose from. Women’s Health suggests these diverse dance routines (and we added a place you can go in Southwest Florida to check them out.):

Line Dancing: Probably best for those who are breaking in their dancing shoes. Due to the relaxed rhythms and repetitive melodies of country music, you’ll have no problem following along. (Dixie Roadhouse in Cape Coral)

Latin Dancing: Also known as the “calorie killer," these type of intense, fast-paced movements will have you breaking a sweat in no time. (Dance Sergio in Fort Myers)

Swing Dancing: Feeling down? Grab a partner and let them spin you around! This type of interactive dance will not only boost your mood but also could help you make a new acquaintance. (DanceLife of SWFL in Bonita Springs)

Pole Dancing: Don’t let go yet! This type of dancing is amazing for those who want to strengthen their core and upper body. (Pole & Aerial Fitness in Bonita Springs)

Freestyle Dancing: All you need is a night out with friends, accompanied with your favorite upbeat music playing in the background, to make this type of workout happen. It's guaranteed to make you feel great, all while shedding some of those unwanted cocktail calories. (Cavo Lounge in Naples)


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