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Pregnancy May Change Mothers’ Brains

New study shows how mothers may become more adept in connecting with their children

BY December 20, 2016


Although many expectant mothers may not feel quite ready for motherhood, their brains are actually a few steps ahead of them when it comes to preparing for a newborn.

Research conducted by neuroscientist Elseline Hoekzema and her team at University of Barcelona found that women’s brains undergo significant changes that can persist for at least two years after birth. The area in the brain linked to interpreting and coping with others’ emotions showed the biggest change in pregnant women.

These findings showed that the expectant mothers’ brains become more specialized for motherhood, according to the researchers. They also suggest the bond with a newborn will greatly intensify. In other words, the mind is preparing itself to care for and connect with the new life that it will soon be in charge of. So not only is a growing fetus kicking inside; those maternal instincts are kicking as well.


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