Brights of Spring

Pink paired with orange is a hot look for the season.

BY March 24, 2017

Of the many colors shown on the runways for this season’s collections, pink was predictably among the top five, but the big surprise came in the form of orange. Even more of a shocker, pink and orange were positioned together in many looks. Energetic and flamboyant though it is, orange can be a tricky color to pull off—which is why it’s not a fashion mainstay. Yet tempered with pink, it’s surprisingly wearable. Try adding some heat to a pale, blush pink with a fiery flame, or go all-out bold and bright with a fuchsia and tangerine pairing. If such a combination is still outside your color comfort zone, add punch to your wardrobe and pop to your home with an accessory in these hot hues. 


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