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Silverspot Trilogy’s Better Bites

If you’re in a hurry and want dinner with your movie, the relaunched menu at the Mercato cinema is a good bet.

BY April 5, 2017

We’re lucky not only to have a reserve-your-own-seat theater in Naples, but Silverspot Cinema is a posh one at that, with plush leather armchairs arranged as stadium seats and a full bar to boot.

So when the company announced several months back it was redoing its food offerings by partnering with the David Burke Group (headed by the celebrity chef with a penchant for lollipop trees and other whimsical culinary feats), it was exciting news for foodies and cinemaphiles. 

The new concession-stand menu, “Trilogy in a Box,” has been released, and it’s a mix of a dozen or so items, like mini BLT lobster rolls, pulled pork sliders, chili, personal pizzas and guacamole with “angry” chips (Burke-speak for spiced—if he wasn’t the first to use the term, he was certainly among its early adopters).

Nothing is earth-shattering, like what you may be seeing on the big screen, but the food is definitely way better than your average theater fare. The three mini-lobster rolls I received had toasted split-top buns, a decent amount of claw meat, not too much filler and an herby tarragon-inflected current. I couldn’t decide when I ordered them if I liked the non-traditional BLT element, but the thickly cut slices of bacon and tomato wound up being a toothsome touch.

The next step the theater is taking is debuting a redesigned sit-down restaurant that will hopefully be done by the end of April, in addition to an enlarged bar in the area opposite of where the current one exists. The final menu hasn’t been decided on yet, and it may ultimately be very similar to what’s already there, but that second space is just what you need if you don’t want to miss any minute of what brought you there in the first place.



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