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Shopportunities: Choker Styles That Suit Your Look

BY April 13, 2017

I see that chokers are making a comeback. It’s been a long time since I’ve worn one, so do you have any suggestions for the style I should try this time around?  —Jeanne S., Marco Island

The mere mention of chokers provokes reactions of love and loathing in equal measure. Fans cite the way these circular bands offer an easy way to add instant chic to an outfit, whereas critics argue that only those blessed with swan-like necks can pull off wearing them. While it’s true that long necks look terrific in wide, bold choker styles, there are so many options for contemporary choker wearing, none of which will make you look like a dowager duchess from a period drama. Shorter necks look best in thinner chokers; to retain visual neck length, try a pendant dangling from a narrow ribbon, a fine metal band or chain. For necks with less-than-perfect skin texture, try chokers with zig-zag or geometric shapes. Above all, a choker needs to fit the neck properly, ideally sitting at your throat an inch above the collarbones, both for comfort and optimal elongation.


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