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Is Florida Bad for Millennials?

The Sunshine State ranks low for affordability, quality of life and health care.

BY April 25, 2017


Florida is well-established as a retirement destination—but is it all that great of a place to live in your youth?

A new study from WalletHub ranks Florida in the bottom 10 when it comes to best places for millennials to live. The issues: high cost of living, lack of jobs, lack of health care (Florida millennials ranks next to last in percentage insured). Also, a high percentage of millennials live with their parents (which can’t be all that appealing).

Here in Southwest Florida, however, we’re starting to see this notion get turned on its head. The second-fastest-growing segment of the population is millennials, who are finding good jobs here in addition to the sun and fun. (Read more in our feature from last June.)

By the way, the supposed best states for millennials are way up north. North Dakota, Minnesota and South Dakota are the top three. So, good luck, young men and women; we’ll be thinking of you next winter as we sip a cocktail on the beach. 




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