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Naples Has Nation’s Healthiest Eaters

We have the best diet in the country, according to a new survey.

BY May 3, 2017


Naples residents eat the healthiest out of anyone in the country. Or, at least we say we do.

The new survey from Gallup-Sharecare’s State of American Well-Being series says that about 75 percent of Neapolitans claimed they ate only healthful food over the past day. This is a survey based on the faith that residents are being truthful (so take the results with a grain of salt—or don’t, if you’re on a low-sodium diet), but it doesn’t really come as a surprise, considering Naples has ranked as the healthiest community in the nation two years in a row.

The survey specifically mentions the local Blue Zones program and the steps NCH Healthcare System has taken to implement it among its workforce as an example of healthful living in the Naples area.

Several other Florida communities ranked high in the survey. Fort Myers-Cape Coral ranked 26th. Miami, Ocala and Sarasota ranked in the top 20.

See the full survey here



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