My First Snake-Venom Facial

Our deputy art director chronicles his experience with a new (and initially intimidating) type of skin treatment.

BY May 18, 2017


A SNAKE VENOM FACIAL. Snake venom? Oh no.

Now, I’m an adventurous person, but this was the first time in a long time that I was petrified of trying something new. You know the feeling—when you’re strapped into the front seat of a roller coaster going up the lift hill and wondering if everything is proper and you’re going to be OK instead of falling out of the seat at the first cobra roll.

This is how I felt leading up to my first cell collagen facial with Cellcosmet Switzerland products at Marissa Collections. I had heard about collagen serums before, and I’ve tried active cell repair creams. But this was the first time I would experience something with more science behind it than your typical deeply hydrating facial.

I’m inquisitive by nature, so when I heard about a venomous facial, I immediately started my research. After reading countless online reviews and every press release available, I bit the bullet and made my appointment. When I showed up for my collagen mask, I had my list of questions (in my mind, of course—I left the, um, piles of the literature I’d printed out in the car) ready for my facialist, Rose. She spoke, reassuringly, of the science behind the product and the proven results that she has seen. That calmed me down enough to ask her to explain the entire process of the treatment.

After the step of typical cleansing and toning, a small vial of ultra-intensive Elasto-Collagen-XT is applied to the face. This is the point where your facialist becomes more of an anti-aging mad scientist. The vial contains 15 percent bio-integral cells. “This is the synthesized snake venom,” Rose told me. I began to tense up again. But then, when it came time for the application, nothing felt strange. I wasn’t in pain—just feeling a slight tingle. Next, it was on to a youth-revealing mask containing a collagen biomatrix with smoothing ingredients extracted from hibiscus seeds. Yes—hibiscus. Not only is it a delicacy in Mexico, but it also will smooth your fine wrinkles. Good to know.

Next came what turned out to be the hardest part of the process. The timer was set for 30 minutes (it’s recommended you keep the mask on for 30 to 45). What was I to do for 30 whole minutes with this mask on? Well, first things first: I pulled out my cellphone to take a selfie. I looked as if I were covered in a special-effects latex mask. It was awesome. My face started to feel like it had a bulletproof film, and after a few more minutes, I totally forgot I had the mask on. When the timer buzzed, Rose applied the CellLift serum to my face, followed by a CellLift cream. And with that, the facial was complete. (Time for another selfie.)

There was an immediately noticeable difference in my skin’s texture. It looked healthier, more hydrated. It felt better. I asked how often I would need the treatment, and the answer was surprisingly good: “Once a month, and keep your daily regimen.” Perfect. I can do that.

After my treatment, I began thinking about that daily regimen and how consistent I am with it. Turns out, I’m kind of failing. Life is getting in the way of my skin care needs. But am I alone?

I started asking friends and colleagues about their routines. Inconsistency was trending. Everyone wanted the quick fix to get the best results. And what constitutes as skin care, anyway? Today’s products blur the line, with hydrating creams that are tinted, makeup products that contain SPF and antioxidants. Makeup and its effects may have become downright beloved in today’s world—contouring creams, highlighting compacts and the next big lip plumper—but in celebrating healthy skin care, there are a few important questions to keep in mind: Will it hydrate my skin? Smooth my wrinkles? Even my natural complexion? Make my face radiant when the makeup is gone?

Anti-aging, I’ve learned, is not a quick fix.

It seems we should treat skin care as an aspect of wellness. Before we sip our green juice, meditate and go for a group cycle, we should apply our antioxidant serum and daily hydrating cream. Even if it means braving a little synthesized snake venom.


For more information on the CellECTIVE facial experience or the entire CellCosmet Switzerland line, visit Marissa Collections or call the store at (239) 263-4333.


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