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The Bowl to Add Downtown Naples Location

A second helping of good vibes and kaleidoscope of healthful açai and pitaya superfood bowls is on its way.

BY May 26, 2017


Most days when I walk into The Bowl, I'm greeted by a cornucopia of fans—tweens in hot pants, moms in activewear, dads in powersuits, 30-somethings in Ann Taylor, tattooed muscle-men in workout gear—all who come sometimes several times a week to the café on Pine Ridge Road for an injection of its sweet (and totally nutritious!) fare. 

Açai paints the base purple, while pitaya inks a hot pink hue.

Given the popularity of the rainbow-hued açai bowls and smoothies, plus kombucha and cold brew, it seemed like it was only a matter of time before the café would expand.

Now, a second location has been announced for the corner of Goodlette-Frank Road and Central Avenue. It will open this fall as soon as construction is completed on the new development that will house it (1200 Central Ave.).  

If you’ve never been, the café’s unequivocal stars are the addictive 100 percent organic blended fruit bowls that get their striking hues from icy chunks of the tropical superfoods açai and pitaya—and are then topped with sunny slices of banana, pineapple, honey, strawberries, granola, nuts and more.

Owner Kylee Brinkman with her husband and their son at the new café site

Even though these filling, eat-till-the-last-spoonful treats predated the unicorn food trend (not only did the café celebrate its first anniversary Feb. 20, but açai bowls have been a thing in big cities for a few years), they're the ultimate unicorn food. Just a glimpse of the hot pink pitaya bowls adds a bit of magic to your day—and a bite or two brings bliss. 

Don't believe me? Try one. But count on being a return customer in advance. Thankfully, soon there will be two locations to frequent.



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