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First Look at Downtown Social House

“SoHo,” the first bar to hit the River District since 2012, boasts an expansive garden, gourmet nibbles and creative libations.

BY June 21, 2017


In epic fashion, Kearns Restaurant Group and Richter Hospitality Concepts have done it again. The longtime collaborators opened not one but two spots in the River District. Both were within two weeks of each other and looped in notable Miami-based chef Jamie De Rosa as a partner as well.

A bruschetta trio of roasted red peppers, edamame and tomato 

​Izzy’s Fish & Oyster, a chic New England-style seafood joint, came first, and Downtown Social House, or “SoHo” for short, is an upscale bar with a concise menu of “shareables” and “sociables” from DeRosa. (The Kearns group has bypassed the kitsch seen at their other nearby properties, such as the chair lift at The Lodge and a gangster effigy at Capone’s.)

Creative cocktails abound, like the Social Pisco Sour (left), accented by jalapeños and Key lime, and What a Moscow Mule (right), with Ketel One and ginger beer with a touch of lemongrass. 

In fact, SoHo is just plain cool. It boasts the area’s largest beergarden (or cocktail patio, however you prefer to view it), unique libations falling into the $8-10 range and those delectable bar bites by DeRosa (none is more than $10!), including poutine with aged cheddar and smoked brisket, a Cuban sandwich with plantain chips and an heirloom tomato burrata salad.

It’s no doubt SoHo is poised to make a real splash this summer—and beyond.


To plan a visit:

Downtown Social House

1406 Hendry St., Fort Myers

(239) 337-7646

Chinese buns stuffed with tender pork belly and pickled cucumbers

Steamed shrimp and chive dumplings



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