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Friendly Reminder: Relax While You’re Vacationing!

Take a breather and chill. Live in the present moment and be mindful.

BY June 27, 2017


Vacation season is in full swing. With the intense summer heat rolling in, people are packing their suitcases and gassing up their vehicles.

But some vacationers are just not quite letting go.

They are panicking about missing their flight or forgetting their passport. They are doubting whether they should even go on vacation in the first place. Thanks to checking their online schedules, they are arguing with their love ones, making what should be an enjoyable experience a horrible one and missing a key part of what the “getaway” experience is all about.

Vacationing is about making memories.

“Being mindful on vacation can help us fully appreciate each moment, from exhilarating new adventures to relaxing quiet afternoons,” said Dina Kaplan, founder of a meditation community named ​The Path​, in an article for The New York Times.

WARNING: Your vacation will not always goes as planned and will not always met your expectations. But you know what? That does not matter. Go with the flow and remember you’re on vacation.

Will that small little detail you have in your brain matter in five years? Probably not. Don’t give into the anxiety of the unexpected. Focus on being mindful. Enjoy the experience and company of your loved ones instead of complaining.



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