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Motivate Yourself to Better Health

Simple ways to get exercise

BY October 26, 2017


As we detailed earlier this week, just a little bit of physical activity can go a long way to making you healthier. We know that motivation can be a big deterrent to actually getting in shape. But the Mayo Clinic offers some easy ways to avoid brushing off those exercise goals.

– Make a commitment. Schedule exercise like you would a business meeting. Put a trip to the gym on your schedule. Or, sign up for a class. Sometimes the idea that you’re missing out on something you paid for is good enough motivation.

– Get other people involved. You’ll be less likely to skip working out if others are reminding you of it. You could recruit a walking buddy or join a sports league.

– Be creative. Spending too much time in front of the TV? Put a stationary bike in front of it. Or, get some hand weights and put those beside the couch. Do the little things, too—park on the far side of the grocery store lot or make a lap around the mall before you start shopping.

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