Editorial: A Force of Nature and Celebration Park

We’re oh-so-taken with that force of nature down on Bayshore Drive in Naples—our cherished Naples Botanical Garden. Well, attention, Southwest Florida: There’s another force of nature on Bayshore named Rebecca Maddox, currently the proprietor of the cozy, cool Three60 Market dining spot. And one reason she makes this issue featuring the New & Hot is her plan to create what she calls Celebration Park right next door to Three60. Imagine maybe 14 food trucks, Rebecca says, some cooking ethnic foods like Indian or Lebanese fare, others offering basics like pizza. “We especially want to serve up fresh stuff you don’t get much of here at moderate prices,” she says. “Bring in fresh fish. Have a grill for cooking seafood. There’ll be craft beers and wines by the glass. Strolling musicians. Maybe an artist once a week who can paint portraits of your pets. I see this as a destination experience, especially for locals.” Rebecca has been working for three years to realize this vision and had hoped for shovels in the ground by September. But then came the furies of Hurricane Irma that very month, and at press time Rebecca was still waiting for the required permits to get this enterprise going. She grew up in Ohio and New Jersey and after high school entered a convent to become a nun. “I was OK with the vows of chastity and obedience, but poverty was beyond my ability,” Rebecca says, laughing. She graduated from Penn S
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