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White You Are

White is the power move of the season in wardrobes and homes.

BY November 8, 2017

Yes, it’s after Labor Day and we are saying the time has come to welcome white into your wardrobe. After all, as far back as the 1920s, Coco Chanel wore white year-round. This season’s power move is to go all out with white on white.

White décor in your home will deliver touches of purity and tranquility. (Take it a step further and pick up anything made from selenite—the crystal purportedly delivers a calming energy that leads to mental clarity.) When it comes to clothing, white shorts and a great white tee remain Florida staples, but seek out interesting fabrics and embellishments that add flair to your pieces. And don’t forget to add more shocks of white with accessories. A great skinny belt, mother-of-pearl jewels and a bleached straw hat will do the trick. And as for the ultimate in accessories, you should be running not walking to the store for a pair of snowy sneakers or an ultra-white boot with a pointed toe. Regardless of how you bring that bolt of white to apparel or abode, remember one thing: Keep it clean. Nothing says “expensive” better. 


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