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Celebrated Cape Coral Chefs Expand Reach with Gather

The new eatery and lounge at Tarpon Point Marina is open morning, noon and night, serving the kind of nouveau-French and global plates that have garnered acclaim for Fabrice Deletrain and Benjamin Voisin in Southwest Florida.

BY November 15, 2017


Ever since restaurateurs Meredith and Timothy Hoffman relocated here several years ago and partnered with chefs Fabrice Deletrain and Benjamin Voisin to open Fathoms and the French Press at the Cape Harbour Marina, they’ve left an indelible imprint on the local food scene. Locals have come to rely on both—the gourmet coffee and pastries at the French Press to jump-start their days, and the deceptively complex favorites later on at Fathoms (mac and cheese is not just mac and cheese, but a mélange of lobster and shrimp with a Cajun cream sauce, and a marsala pork chop is done to perfection in a sous vide water bath).

The interior has plenty of spaces to gather. It kept the layout and much of the striking tableau created by its predecessor, Melograno, with some fun, funky accents compliments of its owners and chefs. 

Now they’ve joined the best elements of those two spots to open a third restaurant, Gather, in the Tarpon Point Marina. With hours for breakfast, lunch and dinner, along with the stretch of afternoon, evening and late-night for nibbles and cocktails, it’s kind of like your go-to for whenever you have a craving for one of their globally influenced creations. We're thinking of the range from the “Oh My Gather Burger,” a study in sophistication with torched goat cheese and crisped-until-crunchy Serrano ham, to a lobster cake benedict.

They benefited from the fact that the space had been recently redone for the gorgeous yet short-lived Melograno—and they’ve injected their character into it, with tasteful graffiti art on the walls and vibrant throw pillows on the lounge furniture. In fact, the restaurant truly should live up to its name because aside from the food and drink being a draw, there’s a place for everyone to gather—a cozy nook on a couch, a stool at the bar, a spacious four-top or even a foosball table.

Stay tuned for even more reasons to flock to the space, like DJs on select nights and other live acts in season. 

In a light saffron cream, the fruto di mare fettuccine is dotted by plump scallops, juicy shrimp and clams. 

Oh, la la. The house burger features crisped Serrano ham, brûléed goat cheese and compressed tomato with frisée. 


To plan a vist:


5971 Silver King Blvd., Suite 116, Cape Coral (in the Tarpon Point Marina, next to the Westin resort—grounds are open to the public)

(239) 673-9939

Open daily 7 a.m. to midnight.



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