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Feel Good: Breakfast Is the New Dinner

Plus: Is expired sunscreen bad?

BY November 15, 2017


If you’re looking to lose weight, perhaps try reversing your meal schedule. An observational study published in The Journal of Nutrition found that people who ate a large breakfast and a light (or no) dinner tended to weigh less than those who saved their heavy eating for later in the day. The results do have some logic to them; the body’s ability to break down sugars and carbs tends to be higher early in the day. Of more importance, the researchers noted, is spacing meals out. Snacking between meals is a sure-fire path to weight gain.

Switch Your Shoe Routine

Here’s a good excuse to go shoe shopping: Alternating your footwear may be good for your health. Foot health, at least. The American Podiatric Medical Association recommends avoiding wearing the same shoes for several days in a row. In the case of running shoes, the cushioning needs time to reshape after a vigorous workout; otherwise it will quickly lose its purpose. Association CEO Dr. James Christina told the Today show the he recommends buying two identical pairs and alternating them between workouts. Also, avoid the same pair of high heels. Mainly, focus on alternating heel heights. (Your calf muscles will thank you.)

Is Expired Sunscreen Bad?

It’s not bad, but its compounds do tend to break up over time. Dermatologist Dr. Elizabeth Tanzi told the Washingtonian that it’s best to toss old sunblock by about six months after the expiration date.

Stand Now, Walk Later

Here’s another good reason to take a stand (literally). A study in The Journals of Gerontology: Medical Sciences found that those who sat more in middle age tended to have more difficulty walking as they got older. In recent years, more research is being done to look at the toll inactivity has on our bodies. This study is one of the few to look at how this may affect us later in life. It found that the people who moved the least in their 50s were three times more likely to have difficulty walking by the time they reached their 70s, compared with their more active peers. So, if you do settle in for an evening in front of the TV, consider walking around every half-hour or so. Just make sure your walk doesn’t lead you to the snack drawer.

Fighting a Loneliness Epidemic

Social isolation may be a bigger public health threat than obesity, according to a recent statement from the American Psychological Association. Basically, loneliness is connected to depression and an assortment of mental and physical health issues that can lead to a premature death. It’s a growing problem, too, as rates of unmarried individuals and childless households increase (and baby boomers age). Psychologists recommend finding ways to stay social in retirement, as some of the old connections via workplace or former neighborhoods tend to get lost. For example, start taking workout classes at a local gym. You kill two birds with one stone: You meet new people and also stay physically fit.

The iPhone Fitness Coach

Fitness trackers, smartphone apps and a whole host of technologies are making it easier to stay fit without stepping foot in a gym. TRX MAPS is taking that one step further. The maker of the popular suspension training straps has introduced an app that can let you know if you’re working out with its equipment correctly. Set up your smartphone and the camera will capture your posture, mobility, muscle activation and more. Within 25 seconds, the app will let you know what you’re doing right and what needs work. Then, it’ll recommend the best workouts for you. For more info, visit

Maybe Just Wish

A study in the Journal of Food Research found that blowing out the candles on a birthday cake increased the amount of bacteria on the treat by 1,400 percent.


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