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Pull a Shade Over Your Cellphone at Night

Apps like NightShade can help, but other techniques may be better.

BY November 30, 2017


Research has shown that the so-called blue light emitted from your phone may keep you up at night. In response, apps have popped up that can block that type of light. An iPhone even comes with NightShade that turns your screen an orange-y color. But does it really work?

Actually, it’s hard to tell. Studies are lacking, and the experts contacted by NPR for a story can only go off anecdotal evidence. One idea: Wear blue-blocking glasses. Those are way more effective—but probably feel a little strange to wear to bed.

Better yet, the safest bet is to just shut down devices all together. Make it part of a bedtime routine that focuses on calming yourself rather than, say, getting all worked up about what’s on Twitter. Or, if you enjoy reading, switch back to an old-fashioned printed book. 


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