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Ice Carving: Cocktail Edition

Trays are so yesterday. Sculpt, chip and mold custom creations for your next round of drinks.

BY December 20, 2017


If you love cocktails, you know the right ice makes all the difference—whether it’s tiny chips or one smooth orb, both affect the presentation and taste. But if your freezer’s cloudy cubes have you singing the cocktail party blues, there’s a nifty bar set that can help.

The Shard Artisanal Ice Kit can turn you into a regular carver of miniature masterpieces—or at least give you completely transparent blocks of ice. With deep molding tubs, a pick with a crusher and a six-point “ice prong,” you can get your drinks to look the way they do at your favorite bars, which would surely bring a round of “oooohs” at your next get-together. 

The set retails on the company’s website and Amazon for $39.95 (there’s also a demonstration video to get your creativity flowing). And, as a gift to our readers, if you enter “GulfshoreIce” at checkout until Dec. 31, you’ll receive a 30 percent discount. 


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