Designer Critique: My Space vs. Hers

A humbling—and enlightening—lesson from an interior designer in creating a much cooler look for the writer’s home

  If you live somewhere—an apartment, single-family home, condominium, mansion—this story is for you, because most of us want to know how to make our spaces nicer. Whether that means prettier or more functional or stylish or simple, etc., interior designers know how to take a space and transform it to its best self. Well, the good ones do, anyway. But most of us—those who don’t know the difference between shagreen and chenille—often struggle to make the right choices when it comes to designing our spaces. If you regularly open magazines like this one, you’ll see rooms perfectly configured to dazzle the eye and make you feel like you could have made a few better choices in your life. Frankly, it’s frustrating. How do designers do it? What are the secrets to choosing the right chair? Or why do they put a pile of books on a shelf just so? How does a piece of art make a wall come alive instead of looking like a Band-Aid with a personality disorder? It’s a mystery—even for someone who looks at beautiful spaces for a living. In fact, if you were to ask me to put a room together in your home from a blank slate, there is a 50-50 chance that I would just set it on fire and walk out. (Let the adjusters deal with it.) Writer Michael Korb It’s somewhat embarrassing when you consider the fact that as a home editor, I’m perfectly capable of critiquing some of the best interior de
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