Home of the Month: A Mid-Century Vibe on Park Shore

The owners of this Park Shore area condo wanted oranges and blues and a whole new look to suit their taste and needs.

BY January 5, 2018

When we first bought it we thought it was beautiful and stunning,” says Ann Bodenheimer, of the 12th-floor Park Shore area condo she purchased with her husband, George. “But when you get in you want to make it your own. I love design, so I knew I wanted to make it the way I wanted.”

That sentiment echoes so many Southwest Florida residents who find the perfect space but need to change that space to make it perfect. You know what we mean. The previous owner renovated the three-bedroom, three-and-a-half-bathroom, 3,594-square-foot home (including lanai), but it was a monument to marble and didn’t make proper use of space. So the Bodenheimers hired Wendy Berry of W Design to recreate the home in their image.

“I knew for sure I wanted color—blues and oranges—I was specific with that,” Bodenheimer says. “I was specific with the type of kitchen I wanted as well.”

Berry and her team came back with options that included moving walls and adding an extra bedroom, as it was a two-bedroom when purchased.

“We pulled the whole kitchen and dining areas forward to enlarge the kitchen and then took half of a bedroom and part of the original kitchen and made a two-bedroom suite on that side of the apartment,” Berry says. The entire floor plan was changed to make the condo more functional. The end result has a lovely mid-century vibe, but with a clean, transitional overtone.

The newly placed kitchen is a modern white lacquered space with a spectacular view of the Gulf of Mexico. Hidden around the corner is an amazing step-down glass butler’s pantry that showcases glassware and china. Also off the kitchen is a banquette for more casual dining. In addition, they changed the ceiling detail, raising it where possible and adding various backlighting effects for more drama. Ceilings were also changed in the grand salon to help define the space. It features tongue-and-grove millwork overlaid by cross-set beams that incorporate extra lighting.

The homeowner found a similar bar in a magazine and asked interior designer Wendy Berry to recreate the look here to dynamic results.


The cool banquette, just a step down from the kitchen, adds long, clean lines and the warmth of wood to the space.


It’s hard to remember, but it wasn’t that long ago the only option for ceilings was to popcorn or not to popcorn …


… Luckily, those days are over as architectural elements now draw the eye upward to beautiful effect.


The homeowner wanted to incorporate as much color as possible, and these soft oranges and turquoises feel both modern and retro at once.


Berry took the opportunity to create a wet vanity in a guest bedroom.


Sometimes there are perks to having a home office, and this space allows for a combination study and office with spectacular views of the Gulf. But good luck getting any work done.


Soothing, sophisticated colors bring the outdoor views inward in the condo’s master suite and allow for a space that evokes complete relaxation.


You want guests to remember their visit, and this powder room is unforgettable. With bold print wallpaper, a black glass backsplash and a floating marble vanity that’s illuminated from below, this bath is a winner.



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