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Jumpstart Your New Year’s Resolution Again

We haven’t forgotten.

BY February 6, 2018


Hey, remember that New Year’s resolution? Yeah, we’re checking up on you.

The thing is, most resolutions fail by now. So, we’re guessing you’ve forgotten about the pledge to lose weight or quit smoking or whatever. But don’t give up.

A few tips to get back on that resolution bandwagon:

– Don’t expect perfection. Too many people get deterred when they realize they’ve come up short. Recognize that progress is better than nothing.

– Rethink your goal. Tangible short-term results are better than something that may not materialize until months down the road.

– Remain accountable. Tell a friend your resolution. And have them hold you to it.

– Try restarting on a notable day. Research has shown a psychological benefit to starting something new on the first of the month or a birthday or an otherwise meaningful day, rather than just another random weekday.

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