Feel Good

Don’t Let Your Device Discourage You

The potential drawbacks of wearing a Fitbit

BY March 6, 2018

The wearable fitness device market is booming and is likely to come close to doubling in sales by 2022. Fitbits and the like are all the rage—just make sure you’re using them for positive reinforcement. Studies have shown that a fitness tracker can actually discourage weight loss and exercise if participants felt as if they weren’t meeting their goals. So, don’t just focus on the metrics it spits back, and don’t let your enjoyment of exercise be limited to whether you hit those 10,000 steps per day. A good indication of whether a Fitbit is right for you, according to a report on NPR: You’re already serious about exercise. If you’re the type who already has a handle on physical fitness, a device won’t discourage you but allow for more exact results.  


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