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Dear Cheryl: Trench Coat Chic

Don't think drab and bulky—think practical and stylish

BY April 18, 2018

I travel a lot and always find myself lacking the right outerwear for different climates. Any ideas for something that I can wear with just about everything? — Cindy H., Fort Myers

My answer? The trench coat. Apart from being the ideal topper for different weather conditions—including the Floridian rainy season—the trench coat is huge this season. Although one might be forgiven for thinking we’ve seen every iteration of the trench, designers have reimagined this timeless garment with some spectacularly creative ideas. There are versions with fringed hems, see-through plastic panels, embellishments and embroidery, different fabric combinations, exaggerated shoulder details, and even options without sleeves (a chic style statement here in Southwest Florida, if not entirely practical for a torrential rainstorm). The 2018 elevated trench can be short, long or somewhere in between; it can be worn fastened or unfastened; and in a lightweight, breezy fabric, your new trench can double-up as a dress—just cinch the waist with a statement belt and you’re ready to go, April showers or no!

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