Dear Cheryl: Go Bold, Go Purple

The color of the year is a bold choice this year.

BY May 18, 2018


I’ve never paid much attention to the “Color of the Year” before, but I’m obsessed with this year’s gorgeous purple hue. How can I blend it into my wardrobe? — Courtney L., Naples

Don’t even think about trying to “blend” Ultra Violet (the purple tone Pantone designated its 2018 Color of the Year) into your closet. Rather, wear it boldly and brightly, as this season, designers have opened up a veritable paint box of confident colors in their collections. There’s no need to dilute the strength of this summer’s saturated colors with neutrals—wear your new favorite purple monochromatically, or color block it with other primary hues. Keep the silhouette clean and lean and let the colors pack a punch. This is the definitely the season to paint the town just about any color you like—as long as it’s bright, bold and beautiful.

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