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What to Wear: Events to Get Ahead with a Hat

Even if you didn't get invited to the royal wedding, look for a good reason to wear a hat.

BY May 18, 2018


With a royal wedding taking place this month in the U.K., new interest has been sparked in the art of wearing a hat. If you didn’t get your invitation to the royal nuptials, there are other events—including garden parties, derbies and horse racing meetings—where donning a hat can take your outfit from wonderful to “Wow!” Your hat should feel like an extension of your body rather than something atop your head that has a life of its own, so try on different crown and brim styles to find out what you’re comfortable with. The most common hat faux pas is wearing one too far back on the head. To position a hat, look straight-on into a mirror and pull the hat down to your eyebrows. The sides of the hat should fit firmly against the sides of your head. Then tilt the hat at a jaunty angle. If a full-brimmed hat simply isn’t your style, choose a chic fascinator; they’re a totally acceptable alternative and are worn at all the best events, Dahling.


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