Watch: Everyday Mindfulness for Everyday People

Shangri-La Springs hosted the mindfulness seminar June 7.

BY June 8, 2018

Thank you so much to local mindfulness experts Angela Tarquini-Sanders, Mary Robinson and Chris Lee Nguyen for joining us Thursday night to discuss “Everyday Mindfulness for Everyday People.” Gulfshore Life would also like to thank the beautiful Shangri-La Springs for hosting the event.

Guests were given the opportunity to learn why this new movement is important and how they may integrate mindfulness and meditation into their daily lives. They were also able to experience meditation sessions guided by Tarquini-Sanders and Robinson. If you missed the event, we streamed it live via Facebook (see the full video below). For even more insight on the mindfulness movement and experts’ personal experiences with the practice, check out our June feature story, Mind Your Breath… and Prosper, by Jennifer Reed, who moderated the event, and feel free to message us any questions you might have about incorporating mindfulness into your own life. 



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