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Dear Cheryl: Gingham Goes Versatile

Just moved to Florida? Time for a wardrobe change.

BY June 13, 2018


I’ve made the move from snowbird to full-time Southwest Florida resident, so my summer wardrobe (which was very limited) now needs to expand. Where shall I start? — Angela J., Bonita Springs

A good place to start growing your warm-weather wardrobe is to pick something from a current trend and build on it. If that sounds counterintuitive (fashion trends have longevity?), know that you’re now in a climate where, with subtle adjustments, many of your clothes can be worn year-round. A case in point is the resurgence of gingham: That easy, two-color woven fabric can morph itself into looks ranging from sweet and innocent to luxe and luscious. This summer, try a tapered pant in a large-scale tablecloth gingham teamed with a solid-color shirt or sweater, plus a statement shoe to take it from effortless to elevated. Pair a flouncy, gingham skirt with an oversize denim jacket to shift it from sweet to sharp. There are also jacket, coat and outerwear iterations in gingham—perfect transitional wear—so check them out and check in to the latest looks.

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