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What to Wear: Summer Garden Party

Think fun and breezy.

BY June 14, 2018


Unless your invitation states a special dress code (in which case, follow it), there are lots of options for garden party dressing. It’s worth thinking from the ground up—literally—when choosing your outfit, as you’ll be walking on grass much of the time. Ditch the stilettos in favor of lower and wider heels such as wedges, gladiator sandals, strappy flats or ballet pumps. Assuming it’s a daytime event, a sundress—short or long—is a good choice for a garden party. Choose airy fabrics such as silk, rayon, cotton, lace and lightweight jersey for comfort and breathability. As well as helping to reflect heat, lighter, brighter hues are more suitable against a backdrop of colorful flowers and lush greenery than are deeper, darker colors. If you’re not a dress wearer, try a breezy palazzo pant in a batik or ikat print, paired with a strappy top or silky tank in a solid color, for the perfect outdoor vibe. Finish off your look with an embroidered, woven or rattan bag; a chic sunhat; and a cool pair of sunglasses. Lastly, don’t forget to have some bug repellant handy, as the garden is likely to be host to more than just human visitors.


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