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First Look: Café YOU’s Expansion

The charming Australian eatery with not one but three full-time chefs increased its capac-ity as a bake shop and added double the number of seats.

BY July 3, 2018


It has been around for two and a half years, but Café YOU in Cape Coral had a grand reopening in June.

The breakfast and lunch head-turner debuted an expansion that doubled its size and scope: There are new market areas housing baked goods, breads, preserves, wine and more, and a new bistro-light-strewn sitting area in the back has doubled the amount of tables available—and some offer front-row seats practically in the kitchen. (Yes, you read that right. Don’t believe us? See the photos.)  

Although you can get a killer latte or cappuccino there, it already wasn’t your average coffee shop, as many of the bakery items were either gluten-free or vegan and all made on-site. And, the menu has a sophistication more in line with the area’s better restaurants (it stays open for dinners and special events on average several times a month). All of that is thanks to the fact the eatery is propped up by three notable chefs: Sam Wood, Ed Rocchio and Ana Lewis (who handles the pastries).

So, if anything, there’s now more of Café YOU to love, and we’re in love with that.

Some tables are practically in the wide-open kitchen (left); the enticing specials board is updated daily, and table signs advertise what nights per month the cafe stays open for dinner (right).


To plan a visit:

Café YOU

1423 S.E. 10th St., Cape Coral

(239) 600-0966


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