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Power Lunch: Dorona

The latest Aielli restaurant may be an Italian-American steakhouse, but its diverse menu and spacious eating areas have culled large crowds during the day.

BY July 13, 2018

To think of Dorona, the latest restaurant from Fabrizio and Ingrid Aielli, as just a steakhouse would be a mistake. Sure, at lunch and dinner you’re presented with two menus—the regular one and another listing myriad cuts and preparations of beef. But as the power couple’s newest investment has evolved since opening in January, it has oh-so-much-more to offer. The choices vary slightly from noon to night, but there are always plenty of entrée-size salads (including an exceptional tableside Caesar that’s tossed in a grandiose footed bowl for extra flair), several pastas, plus the veal truffle ravioli that sister restaurant Sea Salt made famous and other meats like a pork chop Milanese and roasted chicken with a spicy lime chimichurri. But when we’re out and about midday, whether for a working lunch or a leisure outing with friends, we’ve been drawn to the lunch special that includes a piece of grilled fish with a cup of a velvety tomato bisque and a crisp Mediterranean salad. It strikes the right balance between being light and fresh, yet also slightly indulgent, and is packed with plenty of protein to take you into the afternoon and beyond.

To plan a visit:

2110 Ninth St. N., Naples
(239) 529-2819



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