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Cape Coral Named a Top 10 Place to Retire

The Cape came in ninth in the WalletHub study.

BY August 17, 2018


If you retired to Cape Coral, you’re in the right spot. The city ranked No. 9 in WalletHub’s study of Best & Worst Places to Retire.

The study looked at four main factors to determine the rankings: affordability, health care, activities and quality of life. Cape Coral ranked high for affordability and quality of life (not so much when it comes to health care—which looks at cost and availability of medical care). Interestingly enough, Cape Coral had the third-highest percentage of residents age 65 and older out of all the cities studied. (Naples and Fort Myers weren’t included in the rankings.)

Florida cities populated the top of the list. Orlando came in at No. 1, and Tampa, Fort Lauderdale and Miami ranked ahead of Cape Coral. The worst city to retire? Newark, New Jersey.

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