Florida Drivers Are Bad—but Not That Bad

New study ranks Florida drivers as the eighth-worst in the nation

BY August 21, 2018


Hooray, we're not longer No. 1! Florida drivers are now just the eighth-worst in the country, down from the top spot a year ago in this SmartAsset study

The study looked at a variety of factors: insured rate, DUIs per driver, on-the-road fatalities, and search engine queries for terms like "traffic ticket" or "speeding ticket." Florida has a high fatality rate on the roads. (Good news: It's fallen by about one-third since 1994). And, only about 73 percent of our drivers have insurance—the lowest in the country. 

Southern states in general filled out the top 10. Mississippi came in at No. 1. The best drivers? They're in Massachusetts (although we know plenty of Bostonians down here who would disagree with that).

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