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Slicers Does Hoagies Right

When you want a textbook deli sandwich or something with a bit more funk (think: crushed chips and sriracha mayo), it’s hard to go wrong at this Naples shop.

BY August 21, 2018


You may want to steady yourself as you walk into what feels like a delicatessen-slash-man cave designed by the 21st century doppelgänger of Ron from Dazed and Confused. There are a drippy typographic mural, wall-mounted guitars, a mix of sports paraphernalia from random teams across the U.S. and anime-style chalkboard art. But then a friendly skater dude brings your attention back to the reason you’re there.

The guys at Slicers Hoagies, in the Marquesa Plaza on the southeast corner of Pine Ridge and Livingston, know how to make a killer sandwich. The real question is what to get. Should you pick a classic, like “The Slicer” with turkey, roast beef and ham? Or should you indulge in something that someone almost definitely came up with a case of the munchies, like the toasted “Duh Durc” that tops meatballs, provolone and Parmesan with honey Dijon and Nacho Doritos?

All of it starts with the best meats—phyllo-thin when sliced, humanely raised and without preservatives. The team also knows that, for a great sandwich, the devil is in the details. Shredded cukes in addition to the usual veg, ruby-red tomato rounds, a shot of oil, vinegar and herbs at the beginning and end—and then everything is gingerly folded and tucked into the soft crease of a hoagie.

The tables may have some crumbs—kind of like your teenager room did—but take it to go or ignore the slight mess for one of the most satisfying sandwiches in all of Southwest Florida. (Cue the exploding head emoji.)


To plan a visit:
Slicers Hoagies
13020 Livingston Road, Unit 15, Naples
(239) 280-0703

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