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Want to See 'Hamilton' in Southwest Florida? Buy Season Tickets

The Broadway blockbuster is coming to Barbara B. Mann Performing Arts Hall at FSW and Artis—Naples. Ticket holders of the current season will get first pass at seats.

We’re 16 months away from Hamilton’s arrival in Southwest Florida, and it is definitely not too soon to start talking tickets. Despite what you’ve heard about outrageous ticket prices (the show hit a record of $1,150 for premium seats in New York during last December’s holidays), or having to enter lotteries or praying for cancellations (yeah, right), we’ve found a pretty simple way to secure seats: Buy season tickets for Barbara B. Mann Performing Arts Hall at FSW or Artis—Naples ... NOW! By purchasing 2018-19 season tickets for one of those venues (or both if you count yourself among the obsessed), you’ll be guaranteed access to seats when you renew for the 2019-20 season. Sure, cynics might call it a marketing ploy to fill those houses, but we see it more the way Barbara B. Mann General Manager Scott Saxon does: “We’re trying to do a public service. ... If you have to see it, here’s how you can guarantee that you can get tickets for it.” He cites a North Carolina theater that had 20,000 tickets available for the touring Hamilton and 75,000 fans trying to purchase them. As of earlier this week, Barbara B. Mann had plenty of subscription seats available, Saxon said. Artis—Naples patrons, you need to jump on this more quickly: “You really do need to act within the next month,” says Ashley Mirakian, the vice president of marketing and patron engagement. As of a week ago, Artis—
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