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Dear Cheryl: It's Cape Time

BY October 10, 2018

A new career means I’ll be traveling this season. I no longer possess a winter coat and don’t plan to buy another one. Any ideas for staying stylish this fall? — Katie P., Fort Myers

I have the perfect solution for your outerwear needs: the cape. It’s back. Dismiss any dire thoughts of vast, tent-like versions that make anyone under 6 feet tall look shorter than a mushroom; this season’s offerings are everything from elegant and empowering to cozy and comforting. For sheer functionality, a cape in a waterproof or rain-resistant fabric is ideal for different temperatures and unpredictable climates. Iterations inspired by the colors and patchwork quilts of the heartland—another key trend this fall—are perfect if you prefer your cape to be easy and unstructured. If your style is long and lean, go with a fitted version in fabric or leather that can be worn with a belt slotted through the armhole openings. Whatever you pick, this season’s new favorite is capable of more than just good looks.

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