Feel Good

Embrace the Darkness

How turning off the lights can help your workout routine.

BY October 10, 2018


If you’re getting frustrated during your workout, maybe it’s time to reset your expectations—by eliminating your surroundings. Elite athletes are already doing this at the ASICS Blackout Track in England, where runners train in near total darkness except for a spotlight to lead the way. The idea is to get rid of anything that could be a distraction—no fitness tracker, no music, no visual cues. This allows them to focus on exactly what they’re thinking during the workout. Are they positive in thought? Or are they discouraging themselves? Of course, a blackout track is hard to simulate. But if you’ve got a treadmill, try dimming the lights and setting an alarm for when to end. You might find you actually enjoy yourself more. Or you might be bored to death.


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