Ms. Adventure

Ms. Adventure: As Good as a Hotel on Wheels?

Camping out in her new Airstream tests our comfort freak’s daily routines.

  There’s nothing that Ms. Adventure loves more than a well-appointed hotel room. From the second I walk into the room, the freezing cold air-conditioning makes me giddy. After I get a whiff of the freshly laundered linens, I immediately head for the balcony to take in the view. Like a 6-year-old, I then scamper over to the minibar to gaze at the $12 bag of M&M’s and the $16 bottle of sparkling Evian water. Finally, I hop onto the bed and stretch out in order to fully enjoy the luxurious pillowtop mattress. And while I’m partial to a Ritz-Carlton or a Hyatt resort, I’m thrilled with a boutique hotel—in fact, I’ll happily stay in a La Quinta or a Red Roof Inn as long as it’s clean and the staff is welcoming. After all, travel can be a struggle. Hotels make it bearable. At the very least, hotels provide me with a comfy bed, a blow-dryer, a coffee maker and cable TV. In a perfect world, I get a view of the Gulf, fabulous room service and a bellman who always says, “My pleasure, Ms. Davis.” Alas, there’s not much adventure to checking into a hotel, unless you include getting lost at the resort while trying to find the spa for your $120 pedicure (true story). But, let’s face it. Adventurers don’t stay in hotels—adventurers stay at campgrounds. Which is exactly what my husband and I did for a weekend this summer: We glamped. It all happened rather suddenly. One Saturday last spring, m
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