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FK Your Diet for Good

At a new cheekily named joint in Fort Myers, comfort food teams with philanthropy—as the “FK” stands for foster kids and proceeds go to them.

BY October 19, 2018

Doug Miller and his girlfriend, Amy Eldridge, entered early retirement at 45 in Fort Myers. Sort of.

They left their careers up north, but have since opened FK Your Diet, a self-professed gourmet greasy spoon in Fort Myers—and it’s something they’ve put their heart into.

Beyond getting patrons to throw any Paleo or vegan diet plans out the window, the “FK” is in fact a double entendre, and it’s core meaning is “foster kids.” You’ve gotta read Doug’s story here on how, as a kid in the foster care system, food uplifted and inspired him. And now, five percent of all sales from his eatery will be donated to Foster Kids of Lee County—and waitstaff will collect any additional donations that diners would like to make.

The food is straight out of a down-home cooking playbook, with country fried steak, breakfast burritos, scrambles and sausage gravy—with stuff only kids (at heart) could dream up like the “pancakes n shake” (your choice of chocolate, blueberry or banana flapjacks served alongside one of seven milk shake flavors). Lunch expands the hearty streak, with a selection of burgers, grilled cheeses, BLTs, and more (like fried fish, pulled pork and even a grilled PB&J!). All can be as kid-like as possible or customized with a gastropub flair—some of the fun grown-up touches are pretzel buns, sautéed mushrooms and fried eggs. Also appealing to adults in the room are beverages, like beer, wine and prosecco (say yes to morning mimosas).

Any guilt from having a cheat meal will be washed away reading the story behind the eatery on the front page of the menu—and how you might make a difference for a munchkin nearby by indulging in a meal that might back happy memories from your own childhood.

To plan a visit:
FK Your Diet
19630 S. Tamiami Trail, Fort Myers
(239) 245-8877
Open for breakfast and lunch (with hopes to launch dinner soon).


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