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What to Wear: Pop Concert

BY November 26, 2018

Whether this is your first rock concert or your favorite pop band from your teenage years is having a revival tour, dressing to enjoy an open-air or major stadium concert requires a bit of thought. As un-rock and roll as it sounds, comfortable shoes are a must. Walking through grass or tarp-covered ground is no fun in spiky heels, plus you’ll be standing much of the time. Even if you have a seat, the party people in front of you will be up and dancing to every song, so you’ll be standing, too, if you want to see anything. Jeans are a go-to choice, and this is one occasion where ripped versions can look cool and keep you cool—all those festival folks generate a lot of heat, even this time of year. Add a T-shirt and a casual shirt (which can be tied around your waist when the evening heats up) and you’re in ideal concert attire. If jeans and a T-shirt aren’t your style, go Boho-chic in an easy, flowy dress topped with a moto jacket to make it edgy. Another stylish addition is a crossbody bag large enough to hold all your essentials, and to allow your hands to be free—after all, you’re supposed to be waving your arms in the air like you just don’t care.


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