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House Call: What’s the Best Cheat Day Food?

Health and wellness experts answer your questions.

  "Over the last year, I’ve really tried to eat healthy. But every now and then I allow myself a cheat day or cheat meal (mmm ... pizza). Should I even be tempting myself like this?"—Nancy B., Naples Health coach Michelle Joy Kramer says: I get asked this question a lot in my practice. My response is: If your body is needing a “cheat” day and craving something like pizza, there’s a reason. I love pizza, but I don’t have “cheat” days. I find ways to eat pizza in a healthier way. For instance, if I go to a pizza place, I order a whole-wheat pizza crust and add every vegetable possible and leave off the cheese. Find healthier ways to eat/cook your “cheat” foods so you can eliminate that word from your vocabulary. "I’ve been using a regular toothbrush for all of my life, but I’ve been hearing more about these fancy electric toothbrushes. Some go for $100-plus. Are these things really worth it?"—Andrew P., Fort Myers Dr. James Mitchell of Mitchell Dentistry says: The Mitchell Dentistry team agrees that electric toothbrushes are absolutely worth it. When there’s a choice between electric and manual brushing, there’s no contest—electric is the way to go for a thorough cleaning. We prefer the Philips Sonicare. Oral B’s electric toothbrush series is a close second. We find that the battery versions are just not strong enough. The Sonicare and Oral B b
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