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House Call: What’s the Best Cheat Day Food?

Health and wellness experts answer your questions.

BY January 14, 2019


"Over the last year, I’ve really tried to eat healthy. But every now and then I allow myself a cheat day or cheat meal (mmm … pizza). Should I even be tempting myself like this?"—Nancy B., Naples

Health coach Michelle Joy Kramer says: I get asked this question a lot in my practice. My response is: If your body is needing a “cheat” day and craving something like pizza, there’s a reason. I love pizza, but I don’t have “cheat” days. I find ways to eat pizza in a healthier way. For instance, if I go to a pizza place, I order a whole-wheat pizza crust and add every vegetable possible and leave off the cheese. Find healthier ways to eat/cook your “cheat” foods so you can eliminate that word from your vocabulary.

"I’ve been using a regular toothbrush for all of my life, but I’ve been hearing more about these fancy electric toothbrushes. Some go for $100-plus. Are these things really worth it?"—Andrew P., Fort Myers

Dr. James Mitchell of Mitchell Dentistry says: The Mitchell Dentistry team agrees that electric toothbrushes are absolutely worth it. When there’s a choice between electric and manual brushing, there’s no contest—electric is the way to go for a thorough cleaning. We prefer the Philips Sonicare. Oral B’s electric toothbrush series is a close second. We find that the battery versions are just not strong enough. The Sonicare and Oral B brushes even have timers with intermittent pauses to let you know when to change quadrants.

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