Healthy Life

Cool Ideas to Look Younger Now

The writer discovers the latest in bringing hands, eyes, hair and more back to a presence you can love.

  So I just blew out another round of birthday candles. “Make a wish!” they said. And I said, “Oh, I have everything I want. I can’t think of a thing to wish for.” Of course, that’s a lie. I wish to look in the mirror and see my younger, more supple self, perhaps an edgier self at that. A tranquil self who’s just emerged from Sleeping Beauty’s 100-year nap. But as a full face and body surgical makeover is out of the question, what’s a birthday girl to do? As it turns out, there’s magic afoot in the rejuvenation business. Surgical centers are feeling more spa-ish; spas are becoming more restorative. Minimally invasive therapies yield reasonably long-lasting results with hardly any downtime (who has time for that?). Less is definitely more, and, best of all, the tab can be less than that of a weekend getaway. So, here are my three wishes and why every one of them is absolutely essential. Wish 1: Photo-ready Hands It’s book-signing day. I pick up my special purple pen to inscribe my super-fun family guidebook to the lively twins, Amy and Noah. As the mom positions her phone for a close-up shot, my eyes stray from the flow of purple ink to a purple vein snaking its way across the back of my hand. Horrors! What 8-year-olds want a wicked old witch scribbling in their new book? And worse, will my scary hand show up on Facebook? That’s it. For Wish No. 1, I’ll have non-scary book-signing hands, pl
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