Photography by Michelle Tricca


Amanda Jaron: ‘She’s A Little Out There’

The jewelry designer is about pink hair and creative flair along with her charity causes and promotion of the Bayshore Arts District.

Look closely. Jewelry designer Amanda Jaron’s hair is pink. Here and there are strands of tinsel. She’s wearing about a dozen gold rings. Her cropped blazer is shiny gold, but muted. She’s one foot in the direction of outrageous. Not pushing the envelope, just nudging it. She’s a cotton candy martini at a margarita party. She is the concept of calculated risk elevated to a brand, in her appearance, her work and certainly in her investments—most notably her studio in the burgeoning Bayshore Arts District, a phoenix in a formerly hardscrabble habitat in east Naples. “She’s my creative friend,” says Sonya Sawyer, a CFO, ballroom dancer and like-minded philanthropic Neapolitan. “She’s a little out there. And her laugh. You know she’s in the room when you hear her laugh. “You always need that one friend that can get away with things, that is spontaneous and creative and unique. But she’s so easygoing, one of those types who can talk to anyone,” Sawyer says. Jaron’s daughter, Alana, agrees. “I notice everyone when they come to the studio and talk to her, they feel like they’re in a space where they can talk. She has great energy.” And her audience has been wide. For a few years, she appeared on camera on the Home Shopping Network marketing her jewelry line with a host. Her designs have been worn by celebrities from Sharon Stone, Kathy Ireland and Amy Brenneman to the Real Housewives of New Jersey. Her creations have sparkled plenty from
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