Timeless to Take Summer Hiatus to Help Chef David Nelson

Swing by before July to send well wishes.

BY June 13, 2019

Even before Timeless – an MHK Eatery opened almost exactly two years ago, chef David Nelson had poured his heart into every single detail dating back nearly as long before that. Renowned architect Matthew Kragh (“MHK,” whose designs are behind some of the most beautiful dining rooms in Naples) partnered with him to give us that breezy space serving elevated comfort food—grilled cheese that only a chef could make, inventive takes on classic dishes and coal-fired, ultra-crispy pizzas.

So it’s with an especially heavy (yet optimistic) heart to write that the restaurant will go on an unexpected summer close with the last day of service being Saturday, June 29.

Both Kragh and Nelson are, in their words, “100 percent committed” to reopening in October. Their hand had been forced by an unexpected personal turn when Nelson was diagnosed with Stage 3 multiple myeloma. He’s undergoing chemo—to positive results—and a bone marrow transplant is scheduled for August.

To send him off with love and support (and to clean out the restaurant’s massive fridge), the Timeless team is hosting a two-day party June 28 and 29 before he says goodbye for now. Information can be found on Facebook, and it’d be great for as many fans to stop by to wish him success in kicking cancer to the curb so he can resume what he loves—cooking the food we all crave. (FYI, the restaurant’s neighbor that it shares a building with, La Colmar, plans to remain open during the summer.)


To plan a visit:

Timeless – an MHK Eatery

90 Tamiami Trail N., Naples

(239) 331-4325

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